Social Care Workforce Regulator - The Care Council for Wales

The Care Council aims to give the public the highest confidence in care by helping develop
a social care workforce that can be trusted to deliver quality services in a highly-professional way. They aim to ensure that the social care workforce is safe to practice; has the right skills and qualifications to work to a high professional standard and is attracting enough of the right people into its ranks to deliver quality care, now and into the future.

They have a duty to set high standards for skills, training and behaviour for those working in the sector. They want to make sure that everyone employed as a social worker, or social care worker, is acting safely, and in a way that makes the most of their skills. They also aim to make sure that there are enough workers to help individuals reach their potential, protect them from harm and offer them a choice on how they are supported.

The Care Council is the Sector Skills Council for the social care, early years, children and young people’s workforce in Wales. This means having an understanding of the numbers of people in the workforce, their age and qualifications, as well as the skills needed for social care in the future.

In its role as an SSC the Council works with colleges across Wales to make sure the qualifications, infrastructure, and funding is in place to better match the learning needs of
employers. This happens following consultation with carers, employers and service users so that to help modernise social care and ensure qualifications and standards are continually adapted to meet the changing needs of people who use social care services.

For further information contact:

The Care Council for Wales
South Gate House
Wood Street
Cardiff CF10 1EW
Tel: 029 2022 6257
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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