Abbreviations Used on this Website

Abbreviations can be confusing and irritating when the reader does not know what they stand for. These are some abbreviations which appear in the directory, or which people may come up against at other times. see also "Terms".


A AA Attendance Allowance ABMULHB Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Local Health Board
  ACE Advisory Centre for Education ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  ALAC Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre ALAS Artificial Limb and Appliance Service
  AM Assembly Member
(National Assembly)
APG Advisory Planning Group
  ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder AWS All Wales Strategy
B BA Benefits Agency BAAF British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering
  BEL Benefit Enquiry Line BILD British Institute of Learning Disabilities
C C1V Contact One Vale C3SC Cardiff Third Sector Council (former Voluntary Action Cardiff)
  CAB Citizen's Advice Bureau CAF Contact a Family
  CB Challenging Behaviour CCN Cymru Care Co-ordination Network Cymru
  CCW Care Council for Wales CDC Council for Disabled Children
  CDC Child Development Centre CDS Community Dental Service
  CHC Community Health Council CIC Contact and Information Centre
  CJL Criminal Justice Link Service CJS The Criminal Justice System
  CISS Children's Intensive Support Service COP Court of Protection
  CSIE Centre for Studies on Integration in Education CST Community Support Team
  CSSIW Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales CT Community Team
  CVS Council for Voluntary Service    
D DAC Disability Arts Cymru DART Disability Advisory Resource Team
  DCells Department for Children Education Lifelong Learning Skills DCD Development Co-ordination Disorder
  DDA Disability Discrimination Act DEA Disability Employment Adviser
  DfES Department for Education & Skills DH Department of Health
  DHG Down’s Heart Group DLA Disability Living Allowance
  DLF Disabled Living Foundation DLS The Disability Law Service
  DoLS Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards DP Direct Payments
  DW/AC Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru DWP Department for Work and Pension
E EBD Emotional and behavioural difficulties ECM Every Child Matters
  EDMs Early day motions EP Educational Psychologist
  EPA Enduring Power of Attorney ESA Employment and Support Allowance
  ESW Education Social Worker    
F FIS Family Information Service FOI Freedom of Information Act
G GP General Practioner    
H HB Housing Benefit    
I IB Incapacity Benefit IEP Individual Education Plan
  ICO The Information Commissioner’s Office ILF Independent Living Fund
  ICMA Independent Mental Capacity Advocate IPSEA Independent Parental Special Education Advice
  IS Income Support ISS Intensive Support Service
  IT Information Technology    
J JOG Joint Operational Group    
L LA Local Authority LCOs Legislative Competence Orders
  LD Legislative Competence Orders LDIAG Learning Disability Implementation Advisory Group
  LDPG Learning Disability Partnership Group (Cardiff & Vale) LDW Learning Disability Wales
  LEA Local Education Authority LHA Local Health Alliance
  LHB Local Health Board LPA Lasting Power of Attorney
  LSA Learning Support Assistant    
M MCA Mental Capacity Act MEP Member of European Parliament
  MLD Moderate Learning Difficulties MP Member of Parliament
N NAfW National Assembly for Wales NAS Cymru National Autistic Society Cymru
  NATSPEC Association of National Specialist Colleges NHS National Health Service
  NSF National Service Framework NVQ National Vocational Qualification
O OHT Opportunity Housing Trust OPG Office of the Public Guardian
  OT Occupational Therapist    
P PCP Person Centred Planning PCPLD Palliative Care for People with Learning Disabilities
  PIP Personal Independence Payment PLD People with Learning Disabilities
  PPA Pre-school Playgroup Association PSS Pupil Support Service
  PSSO Principal Social Services Officer    
R RADAR Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation RADAR NKS RADAR National Key Scheme
  RNIB Royal National Institute for the Blind RNID Royal National Institute for the Deaf
S SBT Specialist Behaviour Team SCG Strategic Commissioning Group
  SDP Severe Disability Premium SEN Special Educational Needs
  SENCO Special Needs Co-ordinator SENTW Special Educational Needs Tribunal for Wales
  SLCN Speech Language and Communication Needs SLD Severe Learning Difficulties
  SLI Specific Language Impairment SNAP Special Needs Advisory Project
  SpLD Specific Learning Difficulties (this term may be used to describe dyslexia and related difficulties.) SPOD Association to Aid the Sexual and Personal Relationships of People with a Disability
T TFA Tourism for All UK    
U UA Unified Assessment    
V VCVS Vale Centre for Voluntary Services VEST Voluntary Emergency Service Transport
  VIA Values Into Action    
W WAG Welsh Assembly Government WCVA Wales Council for Voluntary Action
  WSAPLD Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disabilities    
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