Accommodation - Children

Current policies for children, based on the 1989 Children Act, place great emphasis on the need to give children a family-based environment in which to live, be it on a long or short-term basis.

Options for fostering, adoption and family placements are therefore usually explored before recourse to staffed residential settings in the case of long-term accommodation.

Information on Respite Care/Short Breaks is here.

Long Term Accommodation for Children

In exceptional circumstances children may be placed out of county, but the main source
of long-term accommodation for children is normally through the Fostering and Adoption

Contacts for planning and assessment for long-term care

In the first instance, you should request the services of a social worker through contacting: the Cardiff Learning Disability Team or Vale Community Support Team

Fostering and Adoption

Cardiff Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council also arrange fostering and adoption placements.
For further details contact Child Health and Disability Teams or Vale Placements and Permanency Team

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