National Service Framework

The National Service Framework (NSF) for Children, Young People and Maternity Services

The NSF for children, young people and maternity services specifies standards that need to be achieved to help meet the Assembly Government's ten year vision for Children in Wales.  These standards apply to services provided by health and local government and will be delivered through partnership and planning arrangements already in place.

It contributes to the Assembly Governments core aims for children and young people by improving quality and reducing variations in service delivery through the setting of these standards.  It includes all children and young people from pre-conception to their 18th birthday.

The NSF document covers all the services provided and deals with:

  • All children and young people – keeping them healthy and safe, promoting health and well-being, preventing injuries and accidents and safeguarding
  • Maternity Services - care and services that are available to women whilst they are pregnant and when they have recently had a baby. It also looks at services for newborn babies.
  • Children and Young people with mental health problems and disorders.
  • Disabled children and young people – supporting them and their families, including a standard for young people "in Transition" i.e. about to change to Adult Services; or those young people who need to continue to use the same type of services after they become adults.
  • Children and Young people in special circumstances – including e.g. living away from home, in care or  with foster parents; refugees or asylum seekers; from minority ethnic groups and those who have been excluded from school.
  • Acute and chronic illness or injury – those who become ill or suffer injuries and those who have long-term health conditions.

The responsible organisations (for example NHS Trusts, Local Health Boards or Local Authorities) are shown next to each key action in the NSF document.

The full NSF document can be accessed here: National Service Framework for Children and Young people and Maternity Services

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