RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS)

The RADAR National Key Scheme offers disabled people independent access to over 8,000 locked public toilets around the country. While RADAR would like all providers of accessible toilets to keep their toilets unlocked if possible; the National Key Scheme (NKS) should be used if the provider concerned has to keep the toilets locked to stop misuse and damage.

The current cost of the key is £3.50 (plus VAT).

To order a Key, or the accompanying NKS Guide contact RADAR (now Disability Rights UK)

There is an Apple app available for use with iPhones. It allows you to instantly locate your NKS toilet and obtain directions by road, bus or foot. You can locate, unlock and access one of the 9,000 NKS key accessible toilet facilities in the UK. RADAR publishes a guidebook every year, listing the location of the NKS toilets around the UK, this information is now available with the iPhone app.

RADAR keys can also be purchased locally from:

Cardiff Council Help Centre at Cardiff Central Library - 029 2087 2087

County Hall - 029 2087 2087

Disability Wales - 029 2088 7325




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  • Telephone: 020 7250 3222, Minicom: 020 7250 4119
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